This webpage is maintained by Indridi H. Indridason, an Associate Professor of Political Science at University of California – Riverside. I received my Ph.D. from University of Rochester in 2001.  Previously I worked at University of Iceland and University of Oxford – and for shorter periods of time at Michigan State University, University of Montreal and UCSD.

My research focuses on comparative political institutions – indeed, many of the very institutions that the Constitutional Assembly will be dealing with, e.g., electoral systems, legislative organization, executive-legislative interaction, the management of cabinet coalitions.

This webpage is dedicated to matters related to the Constitutional Assembly charged with reviewing the Icelandic constitutions.  For nerdy political scientists, this is about as exciting as it gets.  In this blog I will aim to discuss the various aspects of the Constitutional Assembly, including its selection and its organization, and once in session I hope to weigh in on some of the proposed changes to the constitutions.  I also aim to provide reference to the relevant literature on the various political institutions that are being debated.

If you are interested in contribute an article (in English, Icelandic, or both), feel free to contact me at  I reserve the right to reject contributions that are not appropriate for this site.  This right will only be exercised in exceptional circumstances.