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Why two (or four) months are not enough

In my previous post I listed aspects of the constitution that the Constitutional Assembly is charged with reviewing.  In short, it touches on every major political institutions and, as a consequence, the Icelandic political system could end up looking significantly different from what it looks like today.  That is very exciting.  What is less exciting is that the Constitutional Assembly gets mere two months two come up with proposals for amendment – although it can be extended for another two months. Continue reading

Constitutions and Policy

The constitutional assembly is charged with the addressing eight aspects of the constitution (from the law on the Constitutional Assembly found here:

  1. The foundations of the Icelandic constitution and its fundamental concepts;
  2. The organisation of the legislative and executive branches and the limits of their powers
  3. The role and position of the President of the Republic; Continue reading

Why I won’t endorse my friends’ candidacies

First, why am I writing in English about the Icelandic Constitutional Assembly. It is simple, I don’t have an Icelandic keyboard and it is too much of a hassle to use shortcut keys, etc. I anticipate being lazy enough about blogging for it to be counterproductive to add another hurdle. If you don’t like it… well, no one is forcing you to read this.

At any rate, I figured the upcoming constitutional assembly was an occasion to start blogging – if only to give save my colleagues here from having to listen to my rants. And since I study political institutions for a living, Continue reading

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